MinnDak District Convention 2019


Hey MinnDak! You’re invited!

Our next District Convention (DCON) will be from March 8-10, 2019 in Wilmar, MN

Location: 240 23rd Street SE  Willmar, MN 56201      (Willmar Convention Center)

Cost to Attend Per Person:
Students: $210
Adults: $250 (shared hotel room), $360 (personal hotel room)

DCON is a formal event so everyone will be dressed up! If you have any questions, contact your LTG or anyone on the district board! We hope you all will be attending DCON 2019!

Steps to Register for DCON:

Register for DCON 2019

Only Key Club Advisors can register their students. To register, submit online registration, and mail in a single check for your club—register and postmark check by 8pm on February 21, 2019.

  1. Pass out DCON 2019 Signup Sheets to collect required info from your members.
  2. Register your club online (http://bit.ly/dcon2019) by 2/21/19 using the info collected with your Signup Sheets.
  3. Check your email for your club's confirmation and invoice.
  4. Mail in a single check (postmarked by 2/21/2019) to the address noted on your invoice.
  5. Prep your club's contest and awards entries by appropriate deadlines (see below!).
  6. Assist any of your club members who wish to run for a position on the District Level (see below for candidate details)
  7. Show up at the Willmar Conference Center in Willmar, MN, on March 8th!
    • We will reserve hotel rooms on your behalf once your club registers.
    • We'll send you info on parking, directions, and what to bring along!.
    • Be sure to have *THREE COPIES* of your students' code of conduct and medical forms on arrival (1 for you, 1 for them, and 1 for MinnDak — we are committed to safe and fun weekend!).

Contests and Awards 

Contests at DCON 2019

Contest and Awards at DCON highlight all of the FANTASTIC work that each member has achieves over the past year, as well as showcases the incredible talents that members and clubs have!

Be sure to verify all contest rules in the Key Club International Guidebook.

Contest or Award Info/Criteria Cover Sheet / Entry Form Submission Deadline Required?
Annual Achievement Report ("Distinguished Club") Club Report Form (Fillable PDF) At DCON Check-In
Crzy Mry Award Crzy Mry Nomination February 15th
Distinguished Club Officer Club President
Club Vice President
Club Secretary
Club Treasurer
Club Publicist
Club Webmaster
February 22nd
Poster (Digital and Non-Digital) Poster Contest Entry At DCON
Scrapbook (Year in Review) Scrapbook Entry (Traditional and Non-Traditional) At DCON
Major Emphasis Project Major Emphasis Entry At DCON
Single Service Project Single Service Entry At DCON
Video Contest Video Contest Entry At DCON
Tom P Horan Distinguished Member Nomination February 15th
Sandy Nininger Sandy Nininger Nomination February 15th
Oratorical Oratorical Entry At DCON
Talent Contest Talent Contest Entry At DCON
District Theme Award District Theme Entry At DCON
Club Article Any articles submitted during the year are automatically entered. n/a
Club Newsletter Any newsletters posted during the year are automatically entered. n/a
Gold Key Gold Key Nomination February 15th
Outstanding Advisor Advisor Nomination February 15th
K-Family Award Club Nomination At DCON

Candidates Resources

Forms and Procedures for 2019 Candidates

Key Club is student led at every level—including the MinnDak District! Run for Lt. Governor, District Editor, Secretary, Treasurer, or Governor; you could be the next Key Club leader! Submit your biosketch by February 22, 2019 to have your bio published at DCON. (Submissions after the 22nd are welcome, but may not be published).

Each candidate must:
  1. Read the Letter from the District Administrator
  2. Send in a Bio Sketch (or Bio Sketch Form)
  3. Complete the Appropriate Statement of Candidacy:
  4. Acquire all Required Signatures

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Why come to DCON?

1) District Exposer

DCON is a great event to see and understand what Key Club is about. Learn about our district, MinnDak! Did you know we have LTGs and divisions? 

2) Workshops

Attend fun workshops to learn more about Key Club. We have workshops that include how to run a successful service project, surviving college, electrifying meetings, and much more!

3) Get Dressed Up! 

DCON is a formal event, meaning we all get dressed up and look professional! There will also be a code of conduct to understand what's allowed and not allowed.

Wondering what to wear? Click here.


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District Theme

Every year the MinnDak District incorporates a theme, which is carried out through the entire year. This year our district theme is Service Around The World, a travel theme!

There will be maps and flags everywhere. Dress up like a tourist with your club and participate in having district spirit!

Join us at DCON and be prepared to have a wonderful vacation!

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What's the Purpose of DCON?

1) Vote for the New Board

You get to elect your 2019- 2020 District Board for the new upcoming Key Club year! Meet the candidates and vote for who you want! 

2) Club Recognition

We have a Governor's Banquet where clubs in the district get recognized for the amazing work they did over the year! Clubs get awards and see what other clubs have accomplished! 

3) Training

If you're a new officer, you get your first training at DCON! It's important to start off the new Key Club year with a good mind set and feeling good!  


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Getting Distinguished Officer

Are you a club officer?

Get distinguished as a club officer for the fabulous work you did this year as president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, publicist or webmaster! 

There are requirements officers need to fulfill and submit in a binder. Learn more about it here

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DCON 2018 Recap

Didn't come to DCON last year?

Are you considering coming to DCON 2019? 

Did you miss DCON 2018? That's okay! Check out our article about 2018 DCON!







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Entering Contests

There are so many contests you can enter at DCON! Contents include:

  • Traditional or Non-Traditional Scrapbook

  • Digital or Non-Digital Poster

  • Video

  • Talent Act

  • and more!

Check out the rules and how to prepare for them here!


DCON 2018 Photos