District Convention


Hey MinnDak!

Our next big district event will be District Convention (DCON)! April 13-15, 2018 in Wilmar, MN

Location: 240 23rd Street SE  Willmar, MN 56201      (Willmar Convention Center)

DCON is a formal event so everyone will be dressed up! There will be more information and new updates about the upcoming event. Follow us on our social media for DCON news! If you have any questions, contact your LTG or anyone on the district board! We hope you all will be attending DCON 2018!


Friday Night Announcement Changes: 


1) First caucusing will begin at 10:25am

2) Division 6 will caucus at 10:50am instead of Division 4, and the 1st session is cancelled

3) Breakfast and State of the District will be held tomorrow morning and will take place in the big gallery

4) Saturday’s evening’s Governor’s banquet and dance will be held in the big gallery as well as all of Sunday, except for the joint board meeting which will take place in Gallery 4

5) Evening activities tonight will take place here and the escape room can be found in the coat room (Atrium area)

6) Club debriefing this evening is a time for your club to get together and talk about the day and the days ahead so take time to get organized. (Find a location!)

7) Finally, the workshops on Saturday are two 30 minute sessions, not just 1 hour long

8) Duck Hunter will be handed out tomorrow morning, not tonight. It only costs $2! (Go to Contest Table)

Please ask a board member or district admins if you have anymore questions!

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Why come to DCON?

1) District Exposer

DCON is a great event to see and understand what Key Club is about. Learn about our district, MinnDak! Did you know we have LTGs and divisions? 

2) Workshops

Attend fun workshops to learn more about Key Club. We had workshops that included how to be a better member, The Thirst Project and more! 

3) Get Dressed Up! 

DCON is a formal event, meaning we all get dressed up and look professional! Thre will also be a code of conduct to understadn what's allowed and not allowed. 


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District Theme

Every year districts have a theme, which is carried out through the whole year. This year our district theme is Searching for Service, a detective theme!

There will be foot prints everywhere, caution tape hanging and punny detective jokes! 

Join us at DCON and be prepared to have a wondeful mystery weekend! 

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What's the Purpose of DCON?

1) Vote for the New Board

You get to elect your 2018- 2019 District Board for the new upcoming Key Club year! Meet the candidates and choose who you want! 

2) Club Recognition

We have a Governor's Bankquet where clubs in the district get recognized for the amazing work they did over the year! Clubs get awards and see what other clubs have accomplished! 

3) Training

If you're a new officer, you get your first training at DCON! It's important to start off the new Key Club year with a good mind set and feeling good!  


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Getting Distinguished Officer

Are you a club officer?

Get distinguished as a club officer for the fabulous work you did this year as president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, publicist or webmaster! 

There are requirements officers need to fulfill and submit in a binder. Learn more about it here

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DCON 2017 Recap

Didn't come to DCON last year?

Are you considering coming to DCON 2018? 

Did you miss DCON 2017? That's okay! Check out our article about DCON 2017!







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Entering Contests

There are so many contests you can enter at DCON! Contents include:

  • Traditional or Non-Traditional Scrapbook
  • Digital or Non-Digital Poster
  • Video
  • Talent Act
  • and more! 

Check out the rules and how to prepare for them here!


DCON 2017 Photos