Our International Trustee

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Greetings Key Clubbers,

It is with great pleasure that I am able to introduce myself as your newly appointed International Trustee and will have the honor to be serving you throughout the remainder of the 2017-2018 service year! My name is Hannah Nivar and I am from a small town in South Jersey. When I joined Key Club, I had previously heard a lot about the great service projects and hard-working students that originated from this club, and was enthusiastic for what the service year had in store for me. No matter how prepared I thought I was to join, I could have never made myself ready for the change Key Club would make in my life. Key Club has become my creative outlet through which I can be myself and let my passion towards helping those in need be expressed. It has made me realize all of the opportunities that are available if you are willing and confident.

I soon found myself as the Lieutenant Governor of my home division and it was a true blessing as I was able to develop my skills as a communicator and leader according to the Key Club core values, while making friends I know will last a lifetime. The following year, I had the privilege of being appointed as the Lieutenant Governor of a nearby division. This served as yet another blessing and experience that I have been able to grow from and aid my district’s development. Now, I look forward to working alongside each of the members within our sister-districts, Ohio and Missouri-Arkansas, and cannot wait to get started!

My role as International Trustee is primarily to keep in frequent contact with District Board members and administrators in order to effectively serve as a liaison for information Key Club International would like disbursed to all clubs within our organization. The same goes for the other way around. My position on the board is to represent what our Sister-Districts have to say concerning the happenings on the International level of Key Club. Additionally, I am here to assist your needs to the best of my abilities. If there is ever a resource you would be interested in having, whether it requires me to find it among the plethora of materials Key Club provides or creating it, just let me know! I will always be open to suggestions and hear to answer concerns about any issues your clubs may be experiencing. I will be visiting your District twice within the service year and hope to see many of you at District Convention!

On the International Board, I am a part of the Committee on Service and Membership Experience, which has me beyond excited for what’s in store throughout the remainder of the service year. If you would ever like to know more about what goes on within any of the International committees, please feel free to ask! Some of my goals for the service year, besides ensuring that you are all well informed, are to make certain you have all resources necessary to build your communities to the best of your ability and strengthen communications among our sister-districts. I believe that when working together, shared ideas and past experiences can help to guide our districts in the right direction to ensure continual progress within our clubs and enthusiasm for helping those in need.

Please remember that I am here to serve as a resource to you and will always be open to questions, comments, or concerns you may have. Feel free to even reach out and introduce yourself, since I would truly love to get to know each of you!

Yours in Caring and Service,

Hannah Nivar