Key Club Vocabulary

These are some terms all key clubbers should know…


KCI: Key Club International

KC: Key Club

CKI: Circle K International (Kiwanis for college students)

DCON: District Convention. This event is held once a year in the Minnesota-Dakotas District. The new district board is elected and Key Cub members have an amazing weekend experience. To learn more, go here

ICON: International Convention. It's held once a year, just like DCON, but it includes every district and is twice as long. Key Clubbers meet from around the world to elect new international officers, go over accomplishments from the past year, and set policies for the upcoming year. To learn more, go here.

LTG or Lt. G: Lieutenant Governor. This person serves on the district board and is in charge of one division within the district. They are your "go-to" for anything as a club officer. Each month, the club president should send in a monthly report to the Lt. G. 

Key: KEY stands for Kiwanis Educates Youth, which is why we’re called Key Club. Another reason why Key Club is called "Key Club" because there was a small group of boys that started the entire thing in Sacramento who called themselves the "key boys."

Caucusing: A procedure of questioning that takes place when electing new members of office. 

Endorsement: Typically for international office. To be endorsed means that public approval of ones continuing has been declared.

Business Professional: Refers to dress shirt, slacks, neck tie, sport or suit coat and appropriate shoes for males and dress or suite, skirt or slacks, blouse and appropriate shoes for females. 

Business Casual: Refers to slacks, collared shirt and appropriate shoes for males and slacks, skirt or skort, blouse or collared shirt and appropriate shoes for females.

Casual: Refers to shorts or jeans, collared shirts, sweatshirts or appropriate tee-shirts and casual footwear for males and shorts, skirt, skort or jeans, collared shirt, sweatshirt or appropriate tee-shirt and casual footwear for females.

BE: This stands for Bulletin Editor, who is the lovely person who works on this site.

MinnDak District: A shortened form of the Minnesota-Dakotas District.

KEY-O-D: Key Club obsession disorder. May result in sleepless nights and random bursts of joy along with the love for Century Gothic font. May also cause friendship at first sight due to meeting other Key Clubbers. Be cautious: KEY-O-D is contagious and difficult to cure.


Thank you to the Rocky Mountain District for some of these vocabulary words!