Service Throughout the Summer

Service Throughout the Summer

Summer is an amazing time to be with family and friends, and to relax from all the hard work you put in this school year. Although summer is just around the corner Key Club isn’t over, yes you heard it right, it’s all year round folks! You can still continue to give service over the summer whether if it’s on your own or with a friend or two! 

Below are some ideas of some service ideas/opportunities. 

  • Do research and see if there are any service programs throughout the summer in your area/ Ask if your club plans to do any service through the summer

  • Check with your local Humane Society or animal shelter:

  • See if they could use a few extra hands to help out

  • Make dog toys with old t-shirts (instructions can be found online)     

  •  Hold a free car wash:

  • Volunteer your time at: 

  • A soup kitchen 

  • A nursing home 

  • Tutoring kids 

  • Babysit for people who cannot afford childcare 

  • Pick up trash at a park or along a walking trail 

  • Donate:

  • Old clothes to a local Salvation Army or Goodwill

  • Books to the library 

  • Non-perishables to a food bank

  • Plant a tree or flowers or even start a garden 

  • Create a carekit to donate to a local homeless shelter

Of course there are WAY more ideas and the list of service ideas are endless. Please feel free to share any photos or videos to

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The Kiwanis Family

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