District Convention



Hey MinnDak!

Our next big event this year is District Convention (DCON) on April 13- 15, 2018! DCON is another district event hosted by your district board. It's a formal event that's open to all Key Clubs in the MinnDak District. If you have any questions, contact your LTG or anyone else on the district board.

Make sure to be on the look out for news and updates about it, so follow our social media accounts. Read more about DCON below!

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Why come to DCON?

1) Meet Other MinnDak Key Clubs

The whole district gets together and you're able to meet Key Clubbes all over North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota!

2) Get Dressed Up

DCON is a formal event. Everyone is dressed up and looking nice! 

3) Fun Workshops

Attend our informational and fun workshops. Bring back your knowledge to your home club. 


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District Theme

This year our district theme is Searching for Service! Decoration will include footsteps on the wall, caution tape, magnifying glasses and mystery theme puns! So be ready for DCON because it's going to be a mystery. 


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Purpose of DCON

1) Elect 2018-2019 MinnDak District Board

Come to DCON to meet the canidates and vote for who you want to be on the District Board. 

2) Officer Training

New officers get their first training at DCON for the new Key Club year!

3) Recognition

Represent your club for what you've done through the year!



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Getting Distinguished Officer

At DCON club officers are able to get distinguished for the amazing job they did for their club! If you're an officer, check out how you can get distinguished!


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DCON 2017 Recap

Considering going to DCON? Check out our 2017 DCON from last year! Want to read about DCON 2017?  Check it out here!








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Contests at DCON

There are many contests to enter at DCON. Some of them you can start now! Contests include:

  • talent
  • traditional scrapbook
  • non-traditional scrapbook
  • speech 
  • poster
  • video
  • and more! 

Check out this link for more information: 


DCON Photos