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2016-2017 District Theme

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2016-2017 District Theme

Minndak BE

Every year the Minn-Dak division picks a different theme to pave the way that service is done for the year. This year’s theme is...

The Science of Service!

Through science, the Minn-Dak division will be able to express service in a new way. Although science and service may appear seemingly unrelated, they can relate to each other in a variety of ways.

Science and service can relate to each other in a few prominent ways. Just like different organelles in a cell help to make cells function, characteristics of people help to make service function. In cells the nucleus, ribosomes, the mitochondria, and other organelles help the cell to function. If you take a closer look into service the different characteristics of people to help make service function. These includes leadership skills, responsibility, trustworthiness, respect and many other qualities. Through this it is easy to see how science in service can be related to one another. This helps to tie the two together through our theme for this year.

Science and service are related in one other main way. Cells in the body have different functions. Some become muscle cells and others become brain cells. This is because of the characteristics they have that allow them to perform different functions. This can also be seen in the characteristics that people have. For example if you're really good at baking, you might bake cookies and bring them to a nursing home. If you're really good at sewing, perhaps sew blankets and bring them to a homeless shelter. So, even in people, it can be seen that their different characteristics allow them to perform different functions to better themselves and their surroundings, for science and service to be related in yet another way.

Science and service are related in more ways than it may initially seem. Through it this year's theme, the science of service, key club will be able to express service in a new way. We will be able to tie in educational aspects to this year and have fun creating service. Just like cells make the body function, Key Clubbers will make the world function.

Service is in our DNA.