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Make this summer your summer of service!

Minndak BE

School's out... Pack it up...


You may be finished up with the school year, but who says you have to be done serving your home, school, and community? Nobody said that! One of the best parts of the Fall is getting back into the swing of things with Key Club, but why wait around for 3 months when you could make a difference now? 

Yeah, that's right! You've got the power. Crank up your speakers, and click the button.

Oh, Snap! Did you click the button? Yeah, go ahead—click it again. You know you've got the power.

If your club hasn't planned any service projects for the summer, that's okay! Talk it over with your club's board and advisor and see if you—yes you!—could be the one to get a summer service project going. Does your local beach need cleaning up? What about planting flowers at a park? It's a great time for lemonade stands! Why not combine forces with another community group and put a community picnic together? There are so many possibilities, and it all starts with you. You can be the driving force of your club. If your club can't meet over the summer, well, all it takes is a buddy and you've made a team!

Don't forget to check out our new website often; we're putting up more pages all the time! Speaking of which, read all about MinnDak's exciting plans to attend the 2015 International Convention at Kiwanis Headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana! Enjoy your summer, and serve on!