Fall Rally


You’re Invited!

WHO: Key Clubbers from the Minnesota-Dakotas District

WHAT: Minn-Dak Fall Rally 2019

WHERE: Minneapolis, MN (exact location TBD)

WHEN: November 1, 2019

WHY: Join us for a fun filled day of service, training, and roller coaster rides! At Fall Rally, Key Clubbers will be able to meet new people from all over the district, get trained into their officer positions, participate in mock caucusing, and perform service projects!

For more information, stay tuned. The District Board will be meeting in August to plan Fall Rally!


Why come to Fall Rally?

1) Meet your District Board

After elections, you want to know who's on your district board and build connections with them! Then at DCON you get to meet them again. Learn which division you're in!

2) explore the mall

Bond with your club and choose to stay for a little after Fall Rally ends. There’s so much to do at the mall, and doing it with other Key Club members can make for an amazingly fun time!

3) Meet Fellow Key Clubbers

You aren’t the only club, there are so many other clubs around the world just like you! Come to Fall Rally and meet some of them.

4) Play some fun games and contests

The people at Fall Rally aren’t all about business. So come and play some cool contest and games with your district!


What's the purpose of Fall Rally?

1) Connect with the board

We want to keep you and your club in the loop, and Fall Rally is a great way to learn more about what the district board does and how it directly benefits you!

3) Learn about Caucusing

At other Key Club events, including DCON and ICON, there will be cuacasing. It’s crucial to understand how this process works, especially if you’re looking to get more involved.

4) Learn more about District Positions

If you're thinking or interested in running for the district board, or your club board, it's a great time to come and ask questions you have! 


What happened at Fall Rally 2017?

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